Spirit Day - October 20, 2010

Spirit Day honors all of the young people who have taken their own lives after enduring bullying and abuse at school, online, and in their own homes and neighborhoods. Just as importantly, it's also a way to show the hundreds of thousands of LGBT youth who suffer the same demonstrations of hate and homophobia that there is a vast community of people who support them. Many people are wearing purple today to express their conviction that WE MUST STOP THE HATE, NOW.

As someone who grew up under the shame and fear of bullying and abuse, I'm showing my support with this image, which I made. Please feel free to use it if you like it.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please visit or American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to get resources, perspective and help.


  1. I'm wearing my purple shirt today, along with hundreds of thousands of other folks all over the nation and the world, showing our support for our young people. Everyone is important, everyone has something to contribute. Life is wonderful and we need you to stay!

  2. For years I have been thinking that it will get better - attitudes will change - but it is not getting better. Certainly not in the USA.


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