Selfless Meme

I'm with RW, from whom I took this meme (he got it from Tug). Most memes are nothing more than exercises in narcissism (not that's always a bad thing), but once in a while a good one comes along. This one is too hard for the Barbie doll types who type little hearts and roses around their online names, so I don't expect to see it spreading all over the web. If you want to use it (I'm not tagging people anymore), just let me know so that I can come read your responses...

1. Post a note about a blogger you would like to see something wonderful happen for. Maybe one whose posts have touched your heart in one way or another. Include details as to why you admire them and what you wish for them. Be as supporting and affirming as you can.

Hands down, this lady deserves a freakin' break. As a single mom of 10 year-old twins, one who is severely autistic, she somehow makes it through with her kooky sense of humor in tact. She's possibly the bravest woman I've ever met. She only today got her power back on after last week's ice storms. One of the reasons I was so down about the will falling through was because I'd planned to hire a nurse to watch her kids while she and a guest of her choice spent a weekend at a luxury hotel complete with spa treatments and limitless mini-bar. I was going to spring for everything, including air fares, limo, and spending cash. Damn! Someday, Monty... someday...

2. Post your favorite memory around selflessness, giving, or doing for others. Something that has actually changed you.

I've known so many instances of human kindness that's hard to narrow it down to only one, but I think it would be when Maestro Salazar took me in as his sole private pupil absolutely free to hone my compositional talents. In fact, he actually found work for me and paid me. Unheard of! He put his considerable reputation on the line with his colleagues and peers and opened up new worlds to me. But mostly I was changed by what he taught me about life.

3. As a postscript, name one thing you will actually do for someone in your life before December 31 that is born out of joy.

I wish I could do more, but I intend to give our family a great Christmas full of laughter, music and optimism. I had planned on committing random anonymous acts of financial kindness for friends and strangers, but can't. Maybe next year!