A Few Points

~  I am cookied, chocolated, and fudged out. Right now, I don't care if I ever see another sugary treat in my entire life.

~  I joined Facebook a couple of days ago and it's frustrating the hell out of me. My Mood icon keeps changing back to "angry" and my Top Friends skin keeps disappearing. Everything I try to do takes me to another screen that asks for my cell phone number. Not everyone has a cell phone riveted to the side of their head, you know.

~  Favorite Christmas gifts: My new leather desk chair with great lumbar support, my new cozy throw that feels like a cloud of warm nothing, and my new CDs.

~  I have fish tanks to clean, bed linens to change, laundry to do, plants to water and groceries to buy, and I don't want to do any of it.

~  Is it just me, or does everyone lose track of what day it is during the week between Christmas and New Years?

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?


  1. Ditto on the sugary treats. I've had my fill.

    Don't know anything about Face Book. I have enough trying to keep up with MySpace.

    My favorite Christmas gifts--a sterling silver, marcasite, and garnet bracelet/watch--a gold & precious gemstones matching necklace and bracelet--a bright red leather handbag--a set of Margarita drink glasses.

    Laundry--BLEH! Gotta do that too.
    Groceries--I'll help with that.

    I think I'm hostessing a party...

  2. Ugh. And there's all this wrapping paper and crap to take to the garage.

    I want to go back to bed...

  3. My plans for New Year's Eve? We'll probably go to bed about 10pm like we do every night, hoping that the neighbors don't feel the need to set of fireworks and make lots of noise at midnight.

  4. I'm with you on everything but the Facebook issues as I haven't been sucked into that. Or rather I haven't let myself. Yet.

    Ah, and your fish tank is my turtle tank ;)

    We've been invited to a dinner with a group of my OH's friends--same thing every year in fact. And I'll be making a *gulp* dessert....

  5. I'd just leave facebook to the kids in school that it was intended for.

  6. Well, Paul, part of being a responsible parent these days is to know what one's kids are up to online. Also, I am networked with Rhombus Media, Xenophile Media and the Stillwater Chamber Singers on Facebook. Many professionals are using Facebook; perhaps you should check things out before you post comments like this anonymously.

  7. Hmmmm...

    Well, I've been in MySpace for over a year now, and have several profiles there, and I'm beginning to think that there are as many adults in there as there are kids. In fact, I've made some very interesting and exciting professional contacts in there, as well as had the opportunity to mentor some college voice majors, which has been very fulfilling.

    I just joined Facebook yesterday and thus far I've found:

    1. My Chamber Singers Director
    2. His wife
    3. Thomas Wallner, who is the writer of "Mozartballs".
    4. John Tran, the cameraman for "Mozartballs".
    5. Gerhard Rupp, the Austrian production manager for "Mozartballs".
    6. My brother, (who is 45).
    7. My three kids.
    8. One of my nephews.
    9. A friend from Texas, (who's around my age).
    10. Another member of the Chamber Singers, (who is also around my age).

    Let's see...Out of 14 contacts, 10 of them are over the age of 30.

    In addition, places like MySpace and Facebook have given me the opportunity to keep in touch with my 15-year-old son who lives an hour-and-a-half away from me, as well as my 19-year-old daughter who lives in France.

    Facebook: It's not just for kids anymore!

  8. Anonymous was an easy way to post without having to go through the sign in process on someone else's computer. I've never had a problem standing behind any of my comments, but I had no intention of insulting you.

    Facebook is just too out of it for our generations and the entire purpose of it was for school kids to keep in touch. Indeed, it used to be restricted to people within each list.

    You may find lots of adults associated with facebook, but other than professors and the like, it was never intended to be used by people out of school. As a matter of fact, it's opening from a closed system was controversial.

  9. Yeah, well, I've had it with your poking at me the past two weeks. If you have a legitimate beef, write and tell me and drop the passive-aggressive crap.

    That's all I'll say here.

  10. Okay, that's interesting. It's unfortunate that you feel that way. I've not been poking at you and haven't written anything that is not true or to the topic of your posts.

    I'll just stay off of your blog for a while.

  11. Happy New Year to both of you! A group of us guys headed out to Cherokee Casino outside of Tulsa. Lots of great people watching and a good place for the last blast of 07.

    Can't wait to see what you write in 08', take care.



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