Don't Ever Say Me Nay

Don't tell me that I can't do something, damn it. Even if you are the frickin' Universe, or God, or Fate, or whatever the hell you are.

Did you see the movie, Seabiscuit? Do you remember how he never really poured on the steam until the last stretch and the second horse caught up with him? Man, old Seabiscuit looked him in the eye, established that he was going to win, and then took off, leaving the other horse eating his dust. He was the little horse that could, even though everyone said he couldn't...

After our recent letdown with the will and trust, I had to back off somewhat, nurse my wounds, go through my depression, wrack my brain with all kinds of WTFs, and finally get good and pissed off. Now I'm back with a vengeance. I have two books and a screenplay that a publisher is interested in, plus I have a really good "in" with them. So here I am, bouncing back, poised to make our family's dreams happen and I'm refusing to take no for an answer.

Instead of daydreams and talk, I'm working. Instead of amusing myself with The Secret and all that rubbish, I'm working, and instead of going on feeling defeated and embarrassed, I'm working. And when I make it happen, it'll be a hundred times more satisfying than if it had happened with old family money. It will be my success, my hard work, my reward for my tenacity, courage and a job well done. No longer will I be blown around by fate, or luck, or destiny. Damn it, I'm claiming those as my own now. I'll make it happen.

And this year I'm setting a New Year's Resolution not to be lazy and expect someone or something else to do it for me.

Funk dat!