Happy Krampus Day

Yesterday was Krampus Day in Austria and Germany, a street "celebration" I am looking forward to experiencing once we're domiciled in Vienna.

But as scary as Krampus is, he has been replaced by St. Nicholas today.

Have you been naughty, or nice over the past year?


  1. I was hesitating whether to publish some of my Krampus photos, him being a bit scary. *chuckle*
    I was out last night, hoping to see one in full flesh, but alas, I encountered a real Santa (well, a really good looker!) on Kohlmarkt, giving out fliers for a cosmetics company. *laugh*
    I hope you got some chocolates and an apple and clemtines in your boots last night (you did put them outside your door, did you?) instead of black coal (oh well, not too bad here in Vienna, where even coal comes from the pastry shop).

  2. P.S.:
    Lucy me, Krampus won't come by for another year, what with all those mistakes in my text. Sorry.

  3. If I'd put my boots outside last night, all I would have gotten was wet shoes from the rain. We're finally promised some snow this weekend!

    You didn't see any Krampus in the "Golden U"? :^(


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