If You Pour it, They Will Come

It started with a simple private message. A friend who moved away last year will be in town this weekend and she wanted to get together. Will I call a couple of people...

Because I've lately been missing the Friday nights of younger years, when friends would drop in bearing bottles and munchies, I leapt at the opportunity to open our home to an impromptu get together. I texted a couple of people, then created an event in Facebook.

"BYOB and a munchie to share," I said, and now the little get together has turned into a pretty good-sized party. People are even driving in from out-of-state and spending the night in a hotel.

Although it's gray and drizzly, we're promised 75+ degree weather this weekend (90 on Sunday), so that means we'll be using the front porch for the first time this year.

My friends. I love how bohemian and  spontaneous they all are. This is going to be fun!