What a Day That Was!

It started out like any other day... Actually, it didn't. I hadn't gotten much sleep because the evening before, plagued with a bad headache, I took some Excedrin, which kept me wired until 4:30 am. Then I kept waking up (I forgot to wear my earplugs, so I heard the garbage truck, the boom-boom cars on their way to school... I heard everything. I finally fell good and asleep around 8:00, but was soon wakened again. Can't remember why. I got up and plugged in the coffee...

About halfway through my first cup I opened my Alla Breve Books mail to find an email from a reporter at our local newspaper (I'd sent out press releases about Nettl's book the day before to a dozen or so papers across the state). He wanted to interview her not only for the paper, but also for a local magazine. I forwarded this info on to Nettl, who was at work, and she phoned me a few minutes later saying she'd set up the interview for noon.

I looked at the clock. It was a little after 10:00. I wolfed down the coffee, poured another cup, and got busy getting myself and the house ready. I keep a tidy house, so that wasn't a big deal. I, on the other hand, was a different story. Again the makeup. I wasn't as happy with the results, but it was morning and I'd had a rough night.

The interview went very well. Nettl did beautifully and before the reporter left an hour later, he told us he wanted two more stories from us in the weeks to come: one about me and my book and one about Alla Breve!

The rest of the day was pretty crazy with email and online congratulations, but the day wound down softly. Oh, and there was one more thing... the proof copy of my book arrived!