Want Frijoles, Matey? I Got 'em!

I cooked all day yesterday. I mean, in the kitchen cooking, not, well, you know, cooking...

We'd invited Heather and her boyfriend over, and because he really enjoys eating, I decided quantity was the chief thing. I decided on a Mexican meal with pollo chili verde enchiladas, cheese enchiladas, "Itchy" rice and homemade frijoles. (The rice is called "Itchy" because I got the recipe from a friend of mine in California whom I nicknamed "Itchy". Just thought it was important to explain that.)

The meal was great, and I have to brag that the frijoles were the best I've ever eaten. And I've had a lot of them in my life, being a native SoCalifornian.

After the kids left, Nettl and I sat in the living room with candles burning, listening to, among other things, Ravi Shankar's Bridges LP. Very nice.

Today, I've done absolutely nothing, and that's good because tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day, which promises to be a lot of fun on Facebook. The picture above shows you just how much I'm into it this year.

My life...

I have the entire trilogy outlined! I've discovered that constructing a trilogy is exactly like constructing a symphony. There's a form nestled within each book that ties them all together, each book being like the movements of a symphony. Let's call it the sonata-allegro form. A-B-A. These must be created in such a way that they create the same form overall. Microcosm/macrocosm, and all that good stuff.

A (a-b-a) B (a-b-a) A (a-b-a)

See? Anyway, the entire work has a clearly defined direction in my head now and it has caused me to cut one of the principals in the second book. T'ra! I intend to get cracking on it tonight.

Have a great Pirate Sunday, me hearties. Arrr!