A Perfect Read

Last night at around 11:30 I decided to go to bed early. I've been so fatigued since the weekend, I thought an early night might help. (It did.)

Anyway, I wasn't quite ready to go to sleep, so I cracked into a book I was given for my birthday, Stories To Get You Through The Night. Thanks to Tobiah for this gem! It's a collection of short stories by Chekhov, Woolf, Kipling, Wilde, and many more. Last night I began with Kew Gardens by Virginia Woolf, a little jewel box of a piece. I've been a big fan of Woolf since I discovered her in the 1970s. It is written as if she sat in the botanical conservatory at the gardens, noting snips of conversation as people walked by, all juxtaposed against the movement of a snail and several butterflies that nobody but she notices. Doesn't sound exciting, I know, and that's the point. Only 2,612 words, it was the perfect read before switching off the light. You can read it here, if you're so inclined.

Artwork, Kew Gardens, by Dorothy Spangler.