Yet Again

I seriously think our local hospital should be renamed La Boheme Community Hospital. In the past year I've been there more times that I can count, with either Lynette, Ville, or Joel. It's not that I mind going, it's that it's a worrisome thing to sit in the waiting room while someone you love is getting cut open.

Tonight (last night to you), I finally talked Nettl into letting me take her to the ER. She hadn't been feeling well since Sunday morning, and since it has only been a few weeks since her surgery (and nearly losing her!), I didn't want to take any chances. She ran a low-grade fever all weekend, but she kept telling me the discomfort she felt was some cheese she ate on Friday, or a stomach flu. Tonight I said, "I'm taking you", and I did. It turns out that she has a bladder infection. We were told that everything looks great otherwise, so that's a huge relief.

As much as I like and appreciate the staff at the Stillwater Medical Center, I really don't want to spend any more time with them, okay, so can we stop going there now?