Rare Linkage

I have to confess that I'm out of blogging ideas for the next day or two, probably because I've posted some pretty meaty entries over the past few days and I've been working a lot on my book as well. I'm going to let other people pick up my slack until I get my blogging mojo back. Here are some excerpt from entries you really should read...

"What is the thing you ate that you were utterly convinced you would detest to the point that you were prepared to spit it out as you lifted the fork or spoon to your mouth, only to discover that you actually didn't dislike it at all and maybe loved it?"  More...

"And his hot, fetid breath on my neck was just killing me. I felt the nausea washing over me, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I had to excuse myself."  More...

"As vinegar dripped from my hair, over my glasses, and down my neck, I reflected on the harsh mistress that is science. All I had wanted was a refreshing beverage. Instead I had just douched my face."  More...

"Want some good writing advice: Quit worrying if it's good enough until you finish the darn thing first."  More...


  1. You know Steph, I've tried my hand at blogging about blogging, blogging with a sense of humor, and social issues.

    I've enjoyed all three. For they all are a reflection of who I really am.

    Still, my heart yearns to be a voice of reason in this world filled with chaos. So, I resort back to what I'm more comfortable doing.

    Blogging as a outlet to be heard...and to stir

    thanks for the linkage :)

  2. I read this a little sleepy-eyed and when I got the part where you linked to me, I thought you were linking to one of your old posts and I said to myself "Wow...I just wrote something pretty similar to that last night! What are the odds?"

    Then I clicked on the link. Oh. ;)

  3. Roschelle: A blog is a personal expression, and we can't be afraid to simply blog who we are. It took me years, but I finally learned to just blog for myself. Whenever I slip back and try to do anything else, I lose visitors. Your blog is great, just like you!

    Earl: No thanks! I wouldn't want to happen to me for a million dollars!


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