Shufflin' Across the States

Damn, I'm a rotten person! I forgot to tell you about an awesome blog I came across a couple of months ago. It's called, I'm Just Walkin' and is hosted by Matthew Green, a guy who's walking across the United States.

He started in Rockaway Beach, NY and is headed for Rockaway Beach, OR. He began his journey on March 27th and he's about to hit Great Falls, MT. When I found him, he'd just entered Minnesota, so he's really booking...

Why is he doing it? Here's what he has to say:
"Many people ask me the following questions when they hear about my walk: Am I raising money for a cause? Am I trying to set a record? Am I running from the law? My answer: I’m just doing it for the hell of it. Or, more precisely, I’m doing it for its own sake, for the value inherent in the act itself. Hence the name of this website: I’m just walkin’."
He then goes on to quote Steinbeck. My kind of fellow. He's blogging the entire way, posting only photos with catchy titles and witty captions. He has an emergency GPS beacon that tracks his progress and he somehow attaches push pin markers that point out exactly where each photo is taken. This is used as the header of his blog.

Check him out, and if he comes your way, offer him a bed for the night. If you do, your picture will end up on his blog and you'll meet a truly nice guy.