Quiet, Cool and Well

It's amazing how soundproofed our little old cottage is. We live on a fairly busy corner in a smallish university town, so we get our fair share of muffler-deprived pickups, motorcycles, and cars with that boom-boom "music" playing so loudly that it sometimes rattles the pictures on the wall. But I never realized just how little of all this we actually heard until we were forced by a kaput AC unit to have our windows and doors open 24/7 for nearly a week.

More than the heat and humidity, the noise got to me, making me edgy, snappy, and generally rattled. Add the winds to that and I was about to jump out of my skin. I was even forced to take down the windchimes on the front porch because I just couldn't handle what they added to the incessant noise.

All that was rectified this morning when a repair dude installed the new AC unit behind the house. Now that the windows and doors are closed, it's quiet as can be in here. I can actually hear the sound of my fingers on the keyboard. Perhaps I'll be able to sleep a little better at night. I've enjoyed hearing the night birds, crickets and frogs, but to sleep with all the windows open unnerved me a little. Being from southern California with all the crime out there, I felt rather vulnerable.

And now the house is cool, I'm feeling better since I cut my Thyroidzilla-Be-Gone dosage, and Nettl is feeling better every day. I think I can get back to writing.