Back To It

I think that tomorrow, Monday, I'll be able to get back to my previous routine, which includes my daily blog entries and my daily blog rounds and comments.

But first...

Remember how I asked God, "What else?" Well, leave it to the Almighty to pick the most humid, muggy weekend to let the AC break down. Sheesh! I thought we'd left that all behind when we moved from the other house. I was so frustrated on Friday night that I wanted to bite someone's head off and crap down their neck. Instead, I'll call the landlord tomorrow, which means the AC guys will be told about the problem in the summer of 2012.

All the same, Dr. Kielbasa came over last night and we all sat on the porch where it was no less humid, but definitely cooler. And this is only May.

Nathan, the last of our five kids, graduated from high school today. Dr. K asked us if he was graduating magna cum laude, summa cum laude, or thank the laude. I'll let that one pass.

So tomorrow I'm getting back to my book. My characters are wildering in their plots and subplots and need me to come in and sort things out. I hope that you have fared better during my unofficial break.