Alligators and Asses

It was one of those weeks that Dr. Kielbasa described today as, "When the alligators are snapping at your ass."

You all know what went on, so I won't repeat myself. You don't want to read about it again and I certainly don't want to write about it. I'd rather just let it slither down the drain where it belongs...

Despite it all, Nettl and I kept our collective and personal cool, and handled everything with a great deal of grace, I think. We didn't succumb to fear, anger, or frustration, and we treated every nurse, doctor and, in my case, Walmart pharmacy cashier, with respect, cheerfulness, and humor. I think we finally learned a huge secret about life, and we put it into practice. I do confess to falling apart this morning in anger over an insensitive, demanding client, but I didn't tell him to get stuffed for being such as ass, although I told him we'd just barely lifted ourselves from a medical emergency. I threw a private tantrum, then took a nap. When I woke up I felt much better.

Speaking of feeling better, Nettl is recovering beautifully. She's hoping to go back to work tomorrow, but it's my hope that she will only spend half-a-day there. She has plenty of vacation time due her, but her supervisor has a fit whenever she tries to use it. In the three years she's been at that job, she's never used her vacation time for an actual vacation. The year before last there was something going on with the kids, and last year she used it so that we could move.

Dr. Kielbasa dropped by today, leaving two-dozen beautiful yellow and white tulips. The three of us sat out on the porch for a while, talking. It was nice to have a friend come by and take our mind off of things for an hour. We both needed that.

After my thyroid calms down I'll be getting back to my writing. It feels like months since I last wrote anything.