Saturday Six

Yeah, I know Saturday is almost over, but there's still a few hours left. Roschelle, at Inconsequential Logic, posted this meme today, and I thought it would a good thing to do too. Feel free to take it. After last night's revels with the Green Fairy, I don't have much to offer today...

1. Music to make love to?
Well, that's rather personal, isn't it? What the hell. Mozart adagios.

2. Painting a wall?
When we painted the inside of this house last summer, I liked listening to ELO's Out Of The Blue album. We also listened to the Forrest Gump soundtrack. Great energy.

3. Driving to work?
I work from home, but when I did commute, I liked listening to Vivaldi's Guitar Concertos, Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1, Mozart's Magic Flute, Pete Townshend's Empty Glass, and whatever would lift me up.

4. Driving home from work?
I usually listened to NPR.

5. Cleaning the house?
Since last week this has changed. I've been listening to Rory Gallagher.

6. Sunbathing?
I don't do that. I'm a redhead and I burn. Severely. But when I was young and stupid, I liked listening to AM radio.