Learnin' the Blues

I know I'll never be a Rory Gallagher, but what's the harm in learning something new? Playing the blues isn't new to me (I had a blues band for a while in California back in the 80s), but playing the bottleneck style is, and I'm hell-bent on learning it. To that end, I went out today and bought myself a glass bottleneck because the stainless steel one Micah so generously lent me was too heavy for my finger. I then sat down with the Too Much Alcohol video I posted yesterday and started learning things from the Master. First of all, I had to tune my guitar to an open D tuning, which made some things easier and other things not so easy. New chords, new scales, new placements on the fretboard. Some of that was pretty cinchy. Teaching myself riffs is a bit of a challenge, because I've always been a rhythm guitarist, not lead. It's fun, and I plan on getting good enough that I can torture my friends and family at our parties!