It's Really Spring!

Before last weekend's snowfall every sign of Spring was evident outside. There were fat robins singing away, jonquils blooming everywhere, and buds on the trees...

On Saturday, we watched as the poor robins hopped around in the street, wondering WTF was going on. It was obvious they went to bed hungry that night. Nettl had Nathan take them some food, but I don't know if they found it.

Well, today, Spring is back! The cat even spent all afternoon outside yesterday, and there's sunshine coming in through the lace curtains. We'll be spending a Saturday very soon cleaning up the yards and drive, and getting the front porch summer worthy.  I'm even getting the urge to make sun tea, but I need to get a new jar first.

I can't make this a long entry because I'm working under a Thursday deadline for a client's site, but I just wanted to leave you with something pleasant. And now, I must get up and get this day going. I'm starting late on purpose, because I was working with my client until 3:30 in the morning. Time zones and date lines. Ack!