Do you ever have a really hard time waking up? I don't mean that every day early morning waking up, I mean like you drank a bottle of scotch and took three sleeping pills before going to bed the night before. I tried several times to wake up this morning, but I swear my eyelids were sewn together and my brain was about 10 feet under. Man... And I didn't ingest anything last night except one 3.2 Corona eau de beer. To add insult to injury, when Nettl came into the room she laughed at my bedhead. No, I'm not posting a picture.

We're having Jacey and Kyle over for dinner on Friday. Any ideas for what I can prepare? Maybe seared salmon with a pasta Alfredo side, squash confit, salad, and crostini? Would Hollandaise be too weird to serve beside an Alfredo? Yes.