Why I Love Ventura #5: The Architecture

From Craftsman
(Bernadette's Cafe, Main St.)
Within a grid of about six square blocks you can see so many different styles of architecture that it makes it difficult to give Ventura a single label. The historic downtown district, which had no particular celebrated identity of its own until a little over 10 years ago, has now become famous for its non-unifying style, which has become Ventura's calling card. Like its people, Ventura is hard to pin down, but spend an afternoon walking around and you'll understand our bohemian natures as well as our love of diversity.

to Italianate,
(the Earl Stanley Gardner building which
is now an antiques store, Main St.)
from Beach Town Deco
(the relatively new cinema, built in 1997, Main St.)

to High Victorian,
(once a church, then a wedding chapel, then
a B&B, it's now for sale, Main St.)

from Spanish Colonial
(For Your Home furniture store, Main St.)
to Tudor,
(The Somerset Apartments, Santa Clara Ave.)
from the funky
(Johnny's, on the Avenue - best burritos in the county!)
to the ornate,
(Bella Maggiore Inn, California St.)
from the tiny
(The Top Hat hot dog stand, Main St.)
to the grand.
(Old City Hall, Poli St.)

Photos are all by different people whose names I don't know.