Show Me Yours

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A long time ago, when the web was a new and magical place that tinted our faces a pale blue late into the night, we learned simple things, happy things, things that were new revelations. Like not hitting "Send" when we were drinking, or the power of "Esc", "Insert", "Ctrl+Alt+Delete", and "Prnt Scrn".

In those days we liked sharing things with each other, including screen shots of our desk tops. Wallpaper, icons, cursors, wavs, screen savereverything served to tell the world who we were. It was all new, and we had fun.

It has been ages since I sent someone a screen shot of my desktop, so I thought I'd show it to you (if I sent this to someone in an email they'd think I'd finally gone off my rocker). If you have a blog and want to play, post your own screen shot and I'll come look.