Sunshine in a Box

We've gotten to where we really look forward to Harry and David's Royal Riviera Pears each Christmas. And for some weird reason someone always seems to give us a box.

I love pears. I love to eat them in slivers that I cut and eat with a small fruit knife. I buy pears all summer, but these are better somehow, probably because they're deemed good enough to be boxed and shipped rather than picked up out of a bin at Walmart and put into a clear plastic produce bag...

And of course there's always that one pear that's wrapped first in tissue, then in gold foil. Oh yes, that's 1st prize. I got the golden pear this year and I have to admit it was no different from the unwrapped ones, except that it was wrapped in gold foil. I felt like Charlie effin' Bucket. Okay, so little things give me a thrill during this difficult time. Sue me. The one wrapped in tissue only is 2nd prize, certainly, so I'll let someone else enjoy that one.