I Hate Wind

OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind
comes sweepin' down the plain,

And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet,
when the wind comes right behind the rain...

I was wondering why my eyes were all gunked up when I woke up yesterday. And why Joel was having sneeze attacks. And why the cat was acting all squirrelly, running sideways and hopping. Last night the wind came up so fiercely that I woke up at one point thinking it was the ocean. I was going to winterize the patio today because the temps are supposed to be in the 60s, but sod that! I do have to pick up one of the cedars on either side of our front door though. A good watering will solve that issue...

I really hate... I mean H-A-T-E wind. And did I mention that I hate wind? I hated the Santa Anas of California and I hated the Chinooks of Denver, but I really hate the Oklahoma winds. I remember about two years ago the wind didn't stop for nearly six months. That was when I had all that allergy problem with my eye and I walked around looking like Popeye. And the noise is enough to drive you nuts. The constant whining and roaring, windows rattling, whistling. Bah! Plus, it makes me too kinetic, nervous, edgy and cranky.

I really hate wind. Hope this goes away soon.

But on a lighter note, we're decorating the house today, and putting up the tree. As soon as I finish my coffee I'm going down to start a big pot of fideo, which will sit all warm and tasty for whoever wants to dip into it throughout the afternoon.

It'll no doubt give us all wind...