Good Morning!

Although I went to bed last night at 11:30, it took me about 45 minutes to fall asleep. This is pretty normal for me these days. When I fell asleep, however, I slept straight through the night until Nettl woke me at 7:15, telling me that my coffee was ready.

After taking her to work, I came home and took a shower, and here I sit all ready for the day, and feeling refreshed. And it's only 8:40! I wish I could do this every day. I'd probably feel pretty good, but 11:30 is so damned early! My creativity doesn't even shift into gear until 10:00...

I think my cell phone and I have a psychic connection. As soon as I sat down and opened my laptop, after taking my shower, I heard it vibrate. It wasn't on the table beside my chair, so I remembered that I'd put it in the pocket of my fleece cardie before I took Nettl to work. I got up and went to the closet, but it wasn't in the pocket. I then went downstairs to see if I'd left it on the bar with my keys and wallet, but it wasn't there either. I went out to the car and there it was on the floorboard. And there was a message waiting. There's no way I could have heard it that far away, so the only thing I can figure out is that we have a very special bond. Great. My cell phone is my soul mate...

Today, I have to take the trash out to the dumpster, which is usually a hard job because the dumpster is half a block away and it usually means three or four trips. Instead, I'll put the trash bags/barrels in the back of the pickup and just make one trip. I finally got the master bath cleaned yesterday, no small task considering it's used by four or five people every day and that I hate doing it. Our shower has one of those bumpy floors that holds onto every microbe of ick, and the only way I can clean it is to dump a bottle of bleach into it and let it sit. I hate fiberglass surrounds. Give me tile any day. I also have to dust the bedroom today. I hate dust. Then, at last, I can get back to work on the websites of a couple of clients. Fortunately, I have the energy today to do all of this!