Moo, Y'all

I grew up on a ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley, in California. And on this ranch we had some cows, ee-eye-ee-eye… sorry… Now, I live on the outskirts of an Oklahoma town, surrounded by beautiful, lush pastures. And in some of these pastures are herds of cattle. (See? No ee-eye-ee-eye-o crapola.)

So, do Oklahoma cattle sound different than those in California? Or do the Herefords of Great Britain have an English accent? A study now shows that cattle have regional accents, like people.

Now I’ve heard everything.


  1. Hi Steph

    This study made us laugh too. Nigel and I spent a happy few moments moo-ing to each other in various accents so that the other could guess which it was. My Welsh moo was the outstanding winner.

    Well, that’s the Brits for you. We’re barking mad (and mooing).

  2. LOL!!! Liz and Nigel mooing at one another! I can hear it now! I’m rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!

  3. Get up, Nettl. You’re scaring the kids.

  4. I always thought our cows sounded like cell phones on vibrate…It must simply be the Indiana cow.

  5. Are you sure that wasn’t just Geor3ge snoring?


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