Coffee & Sam-e

Last night OETA (our local PBS channel) played a trio of fantastic shows. First up was the Blue Man Group. While this show was on I learned that they will be performing in OK in November.

“What a great gift for Micah’s birthday!” I thought, so Nettl did some research online.

The good thing is that they will be in Tulsa the night following his birthday; I thought it would be fun for Micah, Joel, Nettl and I to go to the show together. The bad thing is that the cost of this would be half of what we pay for rent! Who can afford to put out $150 per person? And no one goes alone to anything, so that’s $600! Damn...

Next up was John Denver Remembered. Oh, go ahead, be smug, but I’ve always loved John Denver, and his death devastated me, although I’m not sure why. I think it was because when he died, it was like losing a brother. He was such a positive force because, personal problems aside, he never lost his faith in us. Anyway, it was a good documentary.

Last came The Concert for Bangladesh with George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, Badfinger, Ravi Shankar, and of course, Bob Dylan. I used to own the 8-Track so the performance was very familiar. I’ve also watched it on VHS a number of times. Oh yeah, I never get tired of Billy’s solo of “That’s the Way God Planned It”.

Watching these shows helped me to forget my current bout of depression for a while, except that I had to fight off the feelings of loss over John Denver, George Harrison, and Billy Preston, but when I went to bed I told myself that I would feel better when I woke up. I think I do, but it’s tenuous.