As Good As It Gets Doesn't Suck

I was so exhausted from the schedule I’ve been keeping for the past six weeks that I ate dinner, took a Xanax, and went to bed. I was asleep by 8:30. I woke up about an hour ago, cleaned the kitchen, made some coffee, and took a shower. I feel great!

I’m plowing through the current web project like a maniac and I intend to get a great deal accomplished today. I have to. There are a number of other things going on that need my attention.
  1. I have another web project waiting.
  2. I have a new web project.
  3. I have a MySpace site to design and build.
  4. I’ve been asked to help a friend in setting up an e-commerce site.
  5. The Okie Blogger Roundup at which I’ve been asked to speak.
  6. I have to take out the garbage (no small feat at my age, when the barrels weigh nearly as much as I do, the dumpster is taller than I am and is a block from the house, and the temperature is in the high 90s). I nearly had a stroke last week! I had to come in and lay back with a cold compress on my forehead because my BP was so high. I was as white as a ghost and sweating like I’d just run a marathon.
  7. Lynette and I are moving back upstairs because my youngest son, Micah, is coming home in two weeks. We’re so excited! I want to take the opportunity to steam clean all the carpets, plus there’s all the moving to do.
I was thinking the other evening that I really am very, very fortunate. I work from home doing what I love and beginning to make some good money, I have a marriage that is about as perfect as it can be, I have a beautiful, happy, healthy, well-adjusted family, a beautiful home, a budding new business that is based on service to the arts, and my son is coming home. My life has always been pretty traumatic and uncertain. At last, I can exhale.


  1. How about this weekend? Ready for a break?

  2. Can’t. We’re steam cleaning the carpets and moving rooms around. Micah’s coming on the 9th-10th. YAY!!

  3. oh, come on… go get your schnoz on. you’ve been working too hard.

  4. I can’t, I tell ya. I’m working to make a deadline.

    I got a schnozz on last night anyway.

  5. true, deadlines suck, but the blow-outs afterwards are the best. hang in there!


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