In Three

On this, the day before Thanksgiving, I'd like to create a list of the top three things for which I'm thankful. Things in my life seem to run in threes, after all, and I have a lot to do today and can't spend all morning writing a long entry. I don't know if I'll be posting anything tomorrow so this may have to suffice...

(In no particular order):

1 All of the "unholy trios" I've been one-third of through my life. As much as I follow the "more the merrier" philosophy, I always wind up in a trio. The photo is of the other two-thirds of the latest one, Ville (holding the sign) and Dr. Kielbasa. Being grown-ups (sort of), we don't do some of the crazy things I've done with other trios, but the three of us seem to derive a lot of laughter out of running errands together, taking each other on the one-hour drive to and from the airport, and going shopping.

2 My family, of course! I started life as part of a large, closely-knit family, but when I was eight we moved too far away to really be part of it anymore. Eventually, everyone either died or lost touch with each other and I found myself all alone, except for my two sons. When Lynette came into my life she brought with her her three kids, her father and step-mother, and a great group of cousins. We may not share the same bloodline, but we're a clan all the same. The kids are all grown and coupling up, so it's an ever-changing kaleidoscope of faces these days. I expect the next phase will be weddings and grandchildren.

3 What would I do, who would I be if not for my creativity? I don't understand how people without some kind of creative urge make it through life. Whether it's writing, making music, cooking, or just moving around some pictures on the walls, I function entirely through my creativity. So thankful for the major three: writing, music and cooking.

Have a beautiful day tomorrow!