A Fresh Outlook

Now that I've made the decision to make Beyond The Bridge a series rather than a trilogy, I feel a huge burden has been lifted. You'd think I'd feel more pressured to write more books on my chosen subject, but I don't because now I'm not obliged to push myself through Book Three just for the sake of doing so...

I confess I've become a bit blocked in trying to finish the trilogy. Writing three books in sequence isn't easy. It's like composing a symphony; each part is intrinsically related to the others, and there is a form to adhere to. A-B-A within each book and as a whole, and all that. Anyway, I found that after spending five years writing Books One and Two, I'm simply tired. My ideas have run aground and there are other stories I'm itching to write.

Now that I've made this decision, I've found myself toeing a gap that I can span without taxing my creativity. Book Three will come when I've found a fresh impetus to finish writing it. As a self-published author I have time to indulge my creativity and not force it into a marketable commodity to line the pockets of middlemen in shiny offices.

Books One and Two, With A Dream and With A Bullet, will be published in a single volume edition this week, rewritten, amplified, and expanded. Book Three: With A Song, will be incubating for a while.