2011's Personal Best & Worst

Best Party: There've been so many this year! The best though? The wine party we threw for Micah and Dr. Kielbasa.
Worst Party: Is there such a thing around here? No way!

Best Casual Get-Together: One night when the Dr. dropped by and we all sat around the kitchen talking and laughing.
Worst Casual Get-Together: There's no such thing...
Best Dinner: Boxing Day.
Worst Dinner: A horrible thing I made from odds and ends in the pantry when we couldn't afford to buy food. Ugh.

Best News: That Nettl was getting to go to Bordeaux to see Lauren.
Worst News: The death of my lifelong friend, JP Deni.

Best Reaction: Holding up to the news of Deni's death while alone (Nettl was in France).
Worst Reaction: Writing a Facebook status about being hungry and having no food. I deleted it rather quickly, though, when I realized how pathetic I sounded.

Best Creative Endeavor: Finishing Book Two of my trilogy. What a labor of love that was!
Worst Creative Endeavor: All of those scenes that had to be cut from Book Two.

Best Physical Feat: Getting through Christmas!
Worst Physical Feat: Raking a mountain of leaves and killing my back.

Best Laugh: The Jiz & Whiz. 'Nuff said. Ask Ville.
Worst Cry: Tired of my family being hungry. It was a cry of feeling futile and helpless.

Best Blog Entry: Things I've Learned From Being Broke. Insight. And it even got printed in the local paper as the Sunday editorial!
Worst Blog Entry: You See, I Just Don't Care. A whiny piece of tripe.

Best Picture: (Boxing Day)

Worst Picture: (Wine party. I have no pride.)

Happy New Year, everyone!