Nothing Since Last Wednesday? Really?

I can't believe it has been nearly a week since my last post. I meant to make several by now, but, well, you know how things go sometimes. All, or mostly all of my excuses are reasons, and most of them are good.

Besides all of the writing I've been doing on Book Three (or for Book Three, I should say, as it's mostly research, notes, and character interviews), I got a new web job that's pretty exciting, and a lot of fun. And I've started getting ready for Lynette's reception a week from Saturday, following her book signing. The only bad thing is that I'm having a little trouble getting my body adapted to the new meds I'm on, but that's a learning experience anyway...

Ville and I took Dr. Kielbasa to the airport in Tulsa this morning, and that's always fun because when the three of us are together, we create our own little sitcom. I've gotten to where I actually like taking him to the airport. Fun little road trips with friends. What could be better? Even when you feel like crap on a cracker. I figure I'd rather feel crappy with my friends than all by myself, so I never back out at the last minute (even when everything in my being screams, "Tell them you just can't do it this time!".

I admit this is short, but I have some things to do. Until next time!