My 6 Stages of Shite

I mean, really. WTF is up with life lately? Big shite, medium-sized shite, little shite, and all the shite that falls between the cracks...

I have a very definite pattern of how I deal with life's slings and arrows. First, I take care of business. I assess, analyze, seek solutions. Next, I become philosophical. Then I panic. After that I get hurt at whomever the person or circumstance was that brought the shite down onto my head in the first place. Then I get good and pissed off and, finally, I turn it into humor. A weary, wagging the head, WTF humor. That silly humor like when you haven't slept in two days and everything's funny. That's where I am now and you know what? This is my favorite stage. I've taken my power back and I'm laughing at just how absurd life can be at times.

Recently, Nettl told me that someone she knows said, "Look. Some people are just pricks." I'm starting to believe that. I'm beginning to think that it's my Pollyanna-glass-half-full-think-positive-thoughts naivete that brings all this shite into my life. Maybe to teach me that I'm full of shite and need to learn that, yes, there really are pricks, dumb asses, and mean people in this world.

In a funny way that's really liberating. It brings me to a place that most people find when they're still young. I envy them. I never found it. One of my mother's favorite sayings was, "If you don't like my front porch, don't sit in my swing." I never got to that place. I've been too busy sweeping the porch and making sure the lemonade is cold.


  1. Some people really are just pricks. They didn't learn the lessons they were supposed to learn way back in kindergarten about playing nicely with others, and if they haven't learned them by now, they probably never will. You can't change that, but you can change how you respond to them. The best way is by simply say, "Fuck you. You're not going to change who and what I am, nor are you going to change my positive attitude or outlook on life." 

  2. People can and do suck... I just don't want to believe it.

  3. oh, i definitely believe that.  there are some people who just dont have a hell of a lot of regard for others.  they're the pricks.  stay away from 'em.

  4. I'd heard that Lily Allen tune, but it never occurred to me that there might be a video for it.

    Shows you how much, or how little, I know.


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