All This California Dreamin'

Seems that my waxing nostalgic and homesick has been put into something productive that's really struck a nerve for a lot of people.

Earlier this week I started thinking about the bands we listened to in my part of Californiathe counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo (wedged lovingly between the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas)also known as the Gold Coast. I started remembering all the fun we had back then going to clubs and dances in our Sixties frippery and dancing to some of the best music coming out of the state. I decided to start a blog about it and in less than a week it has exploded!

Besides gathering research for the site, I've been corresponding with bands I'd forgotten all about as they send me their info and pictures for the site. They want this! How exciting!

Anyway, pay it a visit. Even if you're not from that area, it's a fun trek down Memory Lane for anyone of our generation. Just click the picture, or click here: California Gold Coast Dreamin'.