It Spread Like a Raging Social Disease!

It started out as most things like this do: innocent, private, sweet. I posted this status in Facebook last Thursday (click to embigiate)...

The next thing I knew, our friend Debi (not Ville, another one) had made an Event of it and started inviting people she knew to join in. By Friday we had a ton of people playing along and having a great time. The profile pictures below are just of people on my friend list; I received a number of private messages telling me that their friends were doing it too. How fun! I'm thinking of holding this event every year, except on October 2nd,  Groucho's birthday. Click this picture, too:


  1. Sorry I missed it!  Count me in for Groucho's Bday.

  2. Damn!  I failed to get the memo.  

  3. The next one is set for October 2nd. I'll invite you both.

  4. With my colonoscopy tomorrow I'm wondering about taking my nose and glasses and getting new and improved pictures on other parts of my body...  Eh, maybe not...

  5. Maybe someday we can do clown nose day. ;)


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