Facepalm May

May was a freakin' strange month that went out just as strange as it came in. I don't remember a May that was as schitzo or as unpredictable as this one. It wasn't bad, really, just...strange. Strange vibes, strange ups and downs, strange weather, strange moods...

Apparently, I'm not the only who had a strange May. Many of my friends did as well. If this was Spring Fever then it's changed a lot since I was young. And nearly being struck by lightening was only the frosting on the cake. I'm glad June will be here in a few hours. So far, it's looking pretty good; if nothing else, tornado season will be over. We nearly ate it during that last one.

I'd write more, but it would be more rambling than anything. I'm brain dead, you see, and that's always a good indication that it's time to click "Publish" and close things down.

Happy last day of freakin' Facepalm May.