Our House

Things are getting a little exciting around here. First, there's the big ice storm that's predicted for tomorrow as well as 6-12 inches of snow that's forecast for Friday. I'm cool with all that as long as the trees in our yard don't decide to come through the roof. The last bad ice storm we had was in 2001, but we didn't have any trees then. The good thing about the storm is that Nettl will probably get to stay home for a four-day weekend and still get paid...

Then there's the high-speed chase that ended in our driveway last evening. Of course, in this state a high-speed chase doesn't get much faster than about 15 mph.

I looked out the window and saw a really crunched up car sitting there. It was hard to figure out what had happened at first because there wasn't a second car. My first thought was to check Micah's pickup, and fortunately it was fine. Soon, it was easy to deduce that someone had hit another car somewhere, then fled the scene.

I caught a look at the perpetrators when they cuffed them and put them in the back of a squad car. It was a young Hispanic couple, and due to the fact that the girl was cuffed along with the driver, and that someone from Immigration showed up, I believe the couple didn't have green cards. It was all over within 30 minutes and I went back to what I was doing. I wonder if I can live with all the excitement that riddles this town...

See that little yellow house? That's Myisha's place. Everyone say hi to Myisha—she's way cool!

The good news is that we've finally made it through our financial crisis. We're not flush by any means, and we have to be careful, but at least we'll be able to go back to buying groceries and paying bills like real people. Man, that was horrific, but I learned a lot through it and Nettl and I, as well as our family, are stronger than ever before, and more dedicated to each other.

Our house is a very, very, very fine house,
With two cops in the yard,
An Immigration guard;
Now everything is fine,
We've paid our dues.

(The top photo was taken by Susan, who also lives in Okieland.)