L'il Sprout

As if to spit in the proverbial face of everything I had dreamed, projected, worked for, and envisioned, 2010 started out badly. Very badly. Since I first opened my eyes on  the morning of January 1st we have been bombarded with cares and heartbreaks that have our heads fairly reeling. I keep claiming, however, that this is merely a cleaning out of the old crap so that there will be room for new and better trends in the year to come. I have to believe or else I might be tempted to dig a hole, climb in and pull it down over me. Right now, it feels like life is a bunch of shitmen made out of  rolled shitballs like so many brown snowmen in the front yard. From having feet wiped on us to losing old friends, from the ever-present predators to the eternally empty pantry, and from losing a bid on a new website to catching a terrible cold, the new year started out even worse than the old year ended...

I didn't try to be positive about 2010, I was positive about it and I still believe there's something in the offing this year. As the saying goes, "I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I just hope it ain't a train".

Sometimes hope feels like a green sprout fighting to survive the elements.

Today I'm going to give you some links that have helped me in the past few days. To the owners of these sites, a resounding thank you for making me smile.

I Know Mind Control:  The Verdant Dude (aka B. E. Earl) wrote this entry, which had me laughing late last night. But then Slyde left a comment that started out my day with a laugh of equal proportion. Whoa.

Excuse Me for Not Being a Doormat:  An avid follower of Hilary's (The Smitten Image) Post Of The Week entries, I found this one and boy could I relate! Thanks to Alix for penning such a wise and thought-provoking entry. And thanks to Hilary for pointing me to it.

The Most Beautiful Smith in the World:  Cal Lane's art fascinated me when I StumbledUpon her work. Amazing what a "woman's touch" can do to scrap metal and garden tools.

Fractal Scape:  Just damned hypnotic. It took me away from my problems for a little bit. Make sure you have your sound turned on.

Farting Up a Flagpole:  C. G. Hill (aka Dustbury) gave me the first laugh I'd had in a couple of days with a comment that he left on this post of mine.

In the Midst of Winter:  Merisi (Merisi's Vienna for Beginners) posted this simple photograph that made me catch my breath. It's often the little things that make us forget our cares, isn't it.

Things will improve, but even if they don't I'll still have a world of laughter, thought, and beauty at my fingertips here on the Internet.