Sixties Faces: Pattie Boyd

To wash the grime of the past few days' NAR off of both myself and my blog, I've decided to start a new feature I'll call "Sixties Faces". The feature, which I'll post whenever the spirit moves me, will contain photos of faces that held, and still hold a fascination for me. Some will be women and some will be men.

There's something about Pattie Boyd's face that made it really difficult to look away whenever I saw it in magazines when I was a teen. Having never given a tinker's damn about super models, I could never understand the fascination...

Pattie Boyd was first introduced to Beatles fans when she appeared as a school girl in A Hard Day's Night in 1964. Later, she married George Harrison, and then left him for Eric Clapton. That marriage didn't last either, but she inspired two of rock's greatest love songs, "Something" by Harrison and "Layla" by Clapton. Here is the fabulous face of Pattie Boyd:

Still looking fab at 65!
The cover of the Layla LP