20 Things I Would Love to Say

The most recent meme to resurface is the “20 Things I Would Love To Say” meme. You make a list of things you wish you could say to someone, but you don’t name names. The readers then either join in with their own lists of anonymous statements, or spend the rest of their day trying to figure out who the blogger was referring to, wondering if it was them. Passive-aggression at its worst, no?

This can be a fun, but it also carries the potential of turning really snarky and mean-spirited. I’ve decided to play along, with the disclaimer that if you’re reading this, I might very well be talking about you.

  1. It doesn't matter how old you are, I'll always be a decade older, so you'll always be young and beautiful to me!

  2. There's a big difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is fleeting and originates from outside things. Joy is eternal and comes from within. You have a lot to be grateful for.

  3. If I am ever in the position to do so, I'm going to make your life so much easier for you.

  4. I have finally figured out, after all these years, that you come here because you like my blog, not to stalk me like you used to do. Pagina does not mask your regular visits like you think it does, but that's okay. I understand the quandary you're in.

  5. You'll never read this, but I'll never get over your death. After all these years the pain is as sharp as it was when you died -- I've just learned to tune it out most days.

  6. It has taken a long time for you to break through my doubt, but you have done so at last, with your gentle tenacity and your kindness.

  7. Watching you make your way through the dark night has been difficult, to say the least, but my admiration has only increased my love for you.

  8. I wish I could gloat that you got all that genius from being around me, but I can't. You are walking proof that talent is in the DNA.

  9. That was so damned gross, I knew it was you.

  10. I'm still amazed that you write emails to me. I mean, you were my blog heroine for so long -- you're a blog celebrity!

  11. Grumpy doesn't scare me, just don't Bogart that absinthe.

  12. I miss the eyes, dude.

  13. I had a hard time liking you at first, then you really grew on me. Like a bad yeast infection.

  14. We have so damned much in common, I think we were twins in a past life. Only, you were the one that got all the class.

  15. A day without one of your entries is like a day without a B.M.

  16. How do you see all those tiny details and then think to photograph them? And so perfectly, too.

  17. At least you're staying away. I think that's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me.

  18. Really, if you're going to play "spy", get your roots bleached.

  19. Sorry if I delete your comments from time-to-time. It's just that it's hard to tell if they're ad-spam or not.

  20. Just turn off your computer and go to bed, dumbass.


  1. That's so very sweet, Steph! :-)

    Now I shall start to check if any of my comment are being deleted. *giggle* I never thought of that, although I have done it on my blog (I couldn't take that false friendliness anymore).

  2. I always thought you thought the eyes were creepy. ;)

  3. Whenever I've felt less-than-beautiful, you always make me feel as if I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. I've always loved you for that, among so many other things.

  4. Merisi: I'd never delete one of your comments :)

    Earl: Yeah, but I miss them.

    Lynette: Aw sucks, ma'am.

  5. I know!
    You know I was kidding, right? ;-)

    All the best for this weekend!
    Maybe you are as lucky as we are here, after heavy rains last night, we are being treated to a relatively cool morning. Greetings!

  6. Yeah, I know I'm a dumbass, but I really don't stay up late any more! ;-)

  7. 4you:

    Have a wonderful and productive Sunday,

  8. I really like this and would love to do the list, but I'm not sure that I have twenty things to say about anyone! Maybe 10? Maybe 1, if I get the courage!! We'll see..

  9. "It's not easy, being gross"



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