What I'm Doing This Weekend

On the landing at the top of our stairs (our bedroom is through a door on the right, two others off of a hall on the left) is a great little alcove where Nettl's desk has sat since we moved into this house nearly four years ago. She used to use it all the time, until I got my Dell, which we share. Then came the laptop, which I use in the comfy chair here in our bedroom while she sits at my desk. Heather, our 17 year-old, has been using the desk on the landing since Joel bought his new computer and gave his Dell to us. Are you following this? We now have two Dells and a laptop, which is also a Dell, but that's beside the point...

Anyway, Heather just enrolled at OSU, so she'll be able to live at home next year, which means she'll need the desk and that computer in her bedroom downstairs. Which also means that I'll be taking the top section off of the desk and moving everything downstairs this weekend. Doesn't sound like much? No, not to me either. And it wouldn't be if I were 35 or 40.

In Heather's room are two small dressers that will be moving up to the landing (she insists that she can find someplace for her fold-up clothes) in order to make room for the desk. Actually, I think the landing will look nice with them there, covered with a table scarf and topped with a lamp, a couple of books, and a few chotchkies. Thankfully, we have a brand new bottle of Ibuprofen in the medicine cabinet.