It Was Good

Today was a good day. Yeah, I know, but since I haven't gone to bed yet it's still today, okay? Around 5am we were hit by a huge thunderstorm, which was cool. Although I heard it going on and could see the lightening flashes through my eyelids, I was under the influence of my Tylenol PMs and slept through it all while still enjoying it. I guess I'd finally really fallen into REM sleep because I was suddenly wakened by a huge thunderclap that rattled the walls. I instantly sat bolt upright and jumped out of bed. Hey, I grew up in southern California, where, when you feel the slightest rumble, you're heading for a doorway. After mumbling something to Nettl, who was about to leave for work, I went back to bed, which is always good...

In the next couple of hours the electricity went off no less than five times. I know this because every time it came back on, the phone answering machine barked out instructions about how to set up the announcement. Bite me. I got up and tried to make coffee while the electricity went off and on another three or four times, but finally came on to stay without my having to go without my morning caffeine. Very good.

Later in the day my friend Ernie called me from Santa Barbara, where he was getting ready to work with a new drummer and bass player in the studio. I love talking to Ernie, but you've heard me rave about him before. I made some changes that he wanted to his band's website and we hung up. He said it was good.

Then I had some work to do on the Cat Clinic's website, passing emails with them and their web host for about an hour, and working through the issue in a way that was very good.

After that, I pulled out my guitar and started teaching myself to play the guitar part in Rocky Mountain High, something I always wanted to learn, but just never took the time. That was a lot of fun and I proved to myself that I'm still pretty good.

At 4:30, Nettl came home and we went to our polling place, after which we went to El Vaquero for an early dinner. I had Tacos Carne Asada, rice, beans, and a Corona with salt and lime. ¡Muy bueno! We came home, changed into comfy jim-jams and watched the primaries. It's all good!

And that was my day. Life is good.