C'est Fini!

The web project is done and I came in right on deadline. Tonight I uploaded the last of the pages. There may be a small problem here and there with a link or two (with nearly 600 pages it would be nearly impossible to be perfect), but those are small issues that can be fixed within minutes.

I’ve decided that Alla Breve is beginning a tradition: Regardless of the size of a site, or how many people are in the office (when we have one, that is), champagne will be offered to the staff–1 bottle per every 3 people–and on the cork will be written the client name and the date of completion. Tonight it’s just Nettl and me, and the cork has been popped.

If you’re an art lover, go to Art Experts Inc. It’s packed with information and thousands of images. These people know their art!



  1. congrats! after a project like that, I bet popping the cork never felt so good :)

  2. It feels damned good! Wish I had two bottles!

  3. Yay!!!! It feels so good to get a big project like that finished. Congrats.

  4. Congrats! What a fascinating site - I am a Michelangelo fan (tho no expert at all) and especially enjoyed reading about new discoveries and methods of authentication!


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