My Perfect 36-Hour Day

I know precious little about astronomy, but I do know that Earth got it wrong when it set itself into orbit around old Sol. We should have 36-hour days instead of 24. I can easily put in a 12-hour work day and not even feel it, something my former bosses and my bank account both enjoyed. And, although I need very little sleep to get by, I wake up feeling much better if I can somehow manage (always with the help of Tylenol-PM) 12 hours. That leaves 12 hours left over for other things like enjoying off-time with family and friends, writing music, going places, etc.

I suppose I need to find myself an alternate universe, but then a whole lot more than the hours would change. I'd have to rethink exactly what "work" is, and that just gets too complicated. Even after 12-hours of sleep.