The Week that Was

Well, that certainly was a week. Last Friday night's party was the kick-off to a six-day stretch that I wish never to repeat. I didn't say much about it either here or on Facehugger (as my son Joel calls Facebook), but I'm very glad it's over.

Hashimoto's has forced me to learn not to get overly excited about anything. Adrenaline, whether created from positive or negative stimuli, really messes me up. Some things are worth throwing common sense to the wind over, however, and some aren't. Parties, for instance, are. When I throw one, I know in advance that the excitement alone (never mind the wine) will put me on my ass for a couple of days.

That's okay, I refuse to go through life avoiding the highs simply because I dread the lows. Sod that. What threw me into  tailspin was that on Friday morning,the last of my Levoxthyroxine ran out. For some reason there was a lapse (I receive the scrip through the mail) and I went an entire week without my meds. And anyone with Hashimoto's knows that not having the meds is like a diabetic not having insulin. It's even fatal; coma and death can happen in time.

But they arrived yesterday and this morning I woke up not feeling like a vicious hell beast had eaten my brain. I've learned how to flow with things though, at least better than I used to do. I stayed calm and allowed myself to rest. I watched a lot of Netflix. I watched the weather shift. I allowed myself to be nurtured by the cat. I didn't worry about laundry, cooking, or vacuuming after the party. Nettl used Reiki on me. I laid low and allowed my body to do what it needed to do. This was a big step for me, I who have always been kinetic and over-achieving. It was good. The world didn't fall apart without me.

But now that's all over and I have things to do. I missed writing the most and I have plans of spending the weekend catching up.

Hope your weekend is good!