A Busy Week

What a busy week it has been. Around here, it's a case of all or nothing at all, and I'm ready for a little nothing. Besides two web jobs, I've been helping Jacey with the final illness and death of her mother. Truly, I didn't do all that much, just wine and sympathy, and making CDs of music for the memorial service and wake, which are this afternoon. Poor girl is too young to be handling everythingher mother was younger than I am.

The good news is that Nettl leaves on Monday morning for Bordeaux, where Lauren is ending a year at university. The trip was a surprise gift from Lauren. A friend asked me if I was jealous and I said no. How could I be? Besides not being the jealous type over things like this, Nettl really deserves something fun to happen. She works hard and doesn't complain. Besides, I know she and Lauren will have a smashing time. All I want out of it is that they really enjoy this time together.