No Buzz Words in 2011

Lake Superior State University has issued its yearly list of words that need to be banished from the English language. The tradition started in 1976 with the phrase, "at this point in time", when used instead of the more practical and, frankly, less pretentious"now".

Here are a few of the words and phrases that were nominated. The first two are the words that were banished...

  1. Epic
  2. Viral
  3. Fail
  4. Wow factor
  5. Aha moment
  6. Back story
  7. BFF
  8. Facebook and Google (when used as verbs. I am, sadly, one of those that uses "Google" as a verb)
  9. Man up
I'd like to see the following be blown to smithereens as well:
  • Counterintuitive
  • Random (when used instead of "spontaneous" or "faceted", as in, "Are you a random person?")
  • Yadda yadda


  1. "Going forward" needs to die in a fire. It's the latest version of "go from there."


  2. Are you a random person? *giggles*
    I'll have to have a clever answer ready, should that one ever come up!

  3. My usual use of "random" is as a proper name: the unidentified driver who was doing donuts out in the parking lot, I'd identify as "J. Random Hoon."

    Mostly, this was to get away from Joe and Susan Sixpack, your basic generic straight couple, of whom everyone has heard too much already.


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