The Art of Taking a Break

With Book One in the can, as it were (it will be available at Amazon and in Kindle format very soon), I find myself wondering how to spend the little bit of time I need before plunging headlong into Book Two. Yes, a lot of it is already written, but I feel the need to take a small break all the same, to step back so that I can gain a fresh perspective on the story...

Trilogies are interesting things. Sonatas, really. Little wonder I'm drawn to them. As a trained classical composer my creativity has been honed to function in terms of A-B-A. The 3 within the 3 and all that. But there is always that pregnant pause between movements that gives your ear the opportunity to cleanse itself. Like eating a bit of ginger between sushi courses. And that's what I need just now. But how to spend that break.

I've thought about setting some of the lyrics in Book One to music. Not a bad idea, but that might be a bit too heavy. I've considered working on another book that I started a couple of years ago, a light, romantic comedy, but I know me. I'd only throw myself into that and lose the momentum I've built up for Beyond The Bridge.

At last, I come to it! Why not just get back to blogging? I'm really amazed at the impact blogging has had on my writing through the years. The demand of writing an entry a day has been a terrific exercise, so I thought that I'd get back to this poor, neglected blog while I'm between books. And you. You've been more than patient and I thank you, sincerely. I miss blogging every day, besides.

So here I am once again, sitting in bed with coffee, the cat, and you. I'm looking forward to it! Of course, this means that I'll also be spending more time reading your blogs, and leaving comments.