Matt Green - Mission Complete!

Matt Green finished his walk across the U.S. yesterday, from Rockaway Beach, NY to Rockaway Beach, OR, a walk of just over 3000 miles. Instead of taking 9 months as he'd predicted, it took him just 152 days...

Reading his blog (which is largely photos and brief, witty observations), I've seen an America that I thought was long dead. An America of helpful, generous people who reach out and lend a hand. It's an America the talking heads would like us believe does not exist as they broadcast only hate, division, violence, and disintegration. Matt's blog has convinced me that America still thrives and is full of good people.

Matt lived largely on the generosity of strangers, knocking on their front doors and asking if he could place his sleeping tent in their yards. Often, he was taken into homes for a meal, a shower, a soft bed, breakfast, and a sack lunch for the road. At the beginning of his trip, he was mistaken for a homeless person, but as he made his way west more people caught on to what he was doing. By Montana, a town had a hand-drawn welcome sign out for him. After local news reporters discovered him, the comments on his blog went from one or two to over 300.

It was fun following him, and when he once wrote that he had two different kinds of bear repellent, I worried about him. I also worried about red necks in pickups, but I needn't have. He said the worse thing he got from people was a catcall or two.

Here is Matt's blog, I'm Just Walking, with a video of his encounter with the Pacific Ocean.
Here are Associated Press photos of his arrival.

Thank you Matt, for allowing me to tag along on your journey and to see this country in a new light.