Leaks, Dreams, Cats

For the past couple of nights I've dreamed of leaky roofs. When I looked up what this meant, I read, "The roof leaking... shows that higher thoughts assembled by the subconscious mind are coming down to you, or they will be coming to you."

This makes perfect sense to me because I'm currently writing this book and since both of the dreams took place in Gordon's house, I take the dreams to mean that I'm gaining more insight into his life (a house represents a person's life). I think this is pretty damned cool...

I've enjoyed 12 hours of uninterrupted writing (except for dinner and my after-dinner nap), because today I finally gave in and gave the cat her Bistro feeder. We didn't let her have it before because we suspect she might overeat, get fat, and wind up with diabetes. She's part feral, you see, and she tends to gorge until she barfs.

Today I came up with a compromise. Besides her regular feedings at 7:30 am and 5:00 pm, I put her feeder down at noon, and again around 11:00 pm. It worked. Her aggressive behavior stopped immediately and she is the picture of the contented cat. And I have been able to write without having to jump up every five minutes to pull her out of the plants, get after her for scratching the furniture, and chase her off of the kitchen counters, or out of the pantry (she's learned how to open the doors). It's been a good day. I didn't feel like I was running a kitty day care for wayward, bratty monster cats.