Common? My DLL Isn't Common!

I should never attempt to solve a computer issue before I've had at least two full cups of coffee. I've run into a few snags with Windows 7. I cannot adjust my sounds or mouse, my desktop gadget bar keeps crashing, and if I turn off my computer, I have to reboot our wireless modem to get back online. These aren't big things and I'm assuming there's an answer. The problem is, I'm only halfway through my first cup of coffee. I get an error message telling me that a common DLL has stopped responding. I looked online, and it seems other people have had the same issue, which they've solved. Obviously, their brains work better than mine does.

Ville had surgery on her shoulder yesterday, and I'm going over to her house today to keep her company. I hope I can get online over there.
Update: Well, my laptop connected to Ville's wireless modem as soon as I turned it on, so the issue is with our modem, not my computer. Looks like I'll be phoning our service for a new modem tomorrow.